About The Gallery

What could cause someone to fly thousands of miles to Grosse Pointe to buy an oriental rug? The answer really is as much who as what. The "who" is Alan Marschke. The "what" is: his Oriental Rug Gallery on Kercheval Avenue in Grosse Pointe Farms.

It does happen, really. It's all because his enterprise is truly much more than a traditional retail store. It is a place where fine rugs can be studied and appreciated.

Artisan. Historian. Collector of exquisitely rare things. If you've been touched by worldly influences ... if you value arts and crafts - either primitive or sophisticated... if you find the discussion of ancient cultures invigorating... and the acquisition of something truly breathtaking, then this Grosse Pointe gallery will mesmerize you!

The gallery walls are lined with rare, naturally dyed, hand-spun wool Oriental rugs. Their colors are so deep, so vivid, that most people have never seen textiles so rich in character. Former Washington, D.C. area merchant and historian Alan Marschke relocated to Grosse Pointe, Michigan and established his gallery.

"Where you see blue, there are a thousand shades of blue," he says, Where there is red, there is a whole universe of crimson color. Modern technologies cannot create character like this."

The centuries-old techniques that were used to create textiles such as these began to die out in the 1870s and ceased to exist after two world wars. But today, less than a dozen small projects are encouraging villagers in remote rug-weaving areas to revive the long-forgotten craft. The projects are small, sometimes yielding as few as a hunderd one-of-a-kind area rugs. He endeavors to collect and present Oriental rugs of great spirit and integrity.

"These rugs take their place as treasures that will forever be limited by the sheer difficulties and expense of such an enterprise."

Marschke knows something about textile history and how important this renaissance is. His 40-year passion for rugs has taken him to Washington, D.C., where he spent 20 years researching, attending classes, conferences and meetings at the Washington Textile Museum with the Washington Textile Group and the International Hajji Baba Society.

He is one of only five people in Michigan nationally certified as an Oriental rug appraiser by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America.

Unlike Antique rugs, which are often frail, the rugs found in Marschke's gallery may actually be used in the home. Their dense pile and intense color will stand up to daily wear for generations. They can also be mounted for hanging as great wall art.

Marschke reminds us that, for all of his rugs' artistic and historical merit, you cannot escape the sheer beauty of them. They're simply the best of the best.

Alan Marschke's Oriental Rug Gallery in Grosse Pointe Farms ships rugs all over the country and is a destination well worth a special trip.

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